“How Rude!”

Since the early 90’s I’ve had a long lasting relationship with the Tanner Family. I mean can you really blame me?  You go into fourth grade not watching the latest episode of Full House on TGIF and you are screwed. I know my fourth grade crush never missed an episode, and I certainly needed an excuse to talk to him.

Jump forward about seventeen years.  I was on a first date with my crush, now boyfriend, and Full House still seemed like a great conversation starter. Because after the small talk: what do you like, what do you do for a living, what is your  favorite bar to grab a drink type of questions, why not follow it up with so did you watch TGIF? I mean it did work for me in the fourth grade.  It takes a certain type of guy to not think “red flag” after he finds out the girl sitting across the table from him not only knows what Stephanie Tanners middle name is, but the middle name of all the Tanners.  Lucky for me, he is also a Full House fan.

Full House is a sitcom that brought us those great one liners we have all come to love and incorporate into our daily repartee such as “cut it out”, “have mercy”, and “ you got it dude”. But my personal fan favorite is “How rude.”  Here are some actions by others I find myself saying and thinking, you know what, “How rude” of you.

(1).    Getting calls from a number I don’t know: How rude!

(2).    Bad texters: It took an hour to respond? How Rude!

(3).   Cars burning a red light:  Clearly, Rude

(4).     Cliffhanger  t.v shows that don’t come back until the Fall: Rude!

(5).    Interrupted lunch breaks: Extremely Rude!

(6).   Unkind exchanges to your local Starbucks Barista: It’s just coffee. No need to be Rude

(7).     DVR cuts off early: Rude!

(8).     Lebron James: Gross and Rude!

(9).   Cloudiness on a warm day: Rude

(10).   Being stuck at the office : Rude! Rude! Rude!

It doesn’t matter if you are 28 or 10 years old. Whether you grew up watching Danny Tanner or just catch reruns on TBS and ABC Family. Full House is like comfort to me and brings me back to simpler times. And with that for the true Full House fans out there I leave you with this. Gotta go, there is a car in the kitchen.


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