Did I do that?

No you didn’t….

But he did….

Actually so did he….

Oh and so did they…..


I sat in my studio apartment last night watching my worst nightmare unfold right before me. Not only were the Miami Heat seconds away from winning the NBA Champsionship, but Lebron James was moments away from winning his first title. Getting his first ring. Able to say to all the haters out there, I’m King James and this is my team. And we are not going anywhere.

The NBA Championships have always held a place in my heart and the Bulls are my team. I remember all those ballet recitals where the dads would carry around their portable radios listening to the game. Dad, I noticed. I was just shy of ten when the Chicago Bulls brought me my first NBA Championship and thus starting our love affair. I know I was young, but I can still remember the look on Jordan’s face.  I can still remember the total shock and the “I can’t believe we are here” factor. The Bulls were the Champions. Played against the best and beat the best. Just the way basketball should be.

When I saw Lebron hold the NBA Championship trophy and when the first words to come out of his mouth were “ it’s about time,” I knew that the game that I once remembered loving was not the same. Or maybe it was but at the time I was too young to realize it. Must feel good to be King. The Bulls will be coming for you next year.


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