Donna Martin Graduates!

Well Comcast you have done it again, Soapnet is no longer. No More “Breakfast in Bed”. No way! I’m counting down my top Beverly Hills 90210 moments as I bid Farewell (and a big high five) to my friends at West Beverly High. (luckily I have all 10 seasons on box set.) I had a bulletin board dedicated to Luke Perry. I hope you did too.

(1). “Isn’t it Romantic”

Brenda: You Don’t drink do you?

Dylan: Only on Family Reunions.

(2).  “Slumber Party”

It is not a slumber party. It’s an evening of female bonding, right Mom?

(3).  Fire and Ice

I’ve had the time of my life…have you?

(4).  “Something in the Air” Donna Martin Graduates

Tell Superintendent Ephardt that summer registration is going to break the record this year.Donna Martin Graduates!!

Fail Donna, Fail us all.

(5).  “Back in the High Life”

It’s you, It’s always been you.

(6).  “Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington”

I like being in your world, Brandon. I wanna stay in it.

(7).  “Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills”

It’s no a trip around the world But I think we could take quit an adventure together.


Go for the Brass Ring Kelly.

(8).  “One Wedding and a Funeral”

Oh my god, look what they did to her Brandon.


Dylan leaves the 90210. Well I’m going to miss him. Yeah we are all going to miss him Donna.

(9).  “Heaven Scent”

Either Mariah met Kelly in a past life or you poured your heart out to her in lonesome city Texas.


(10).  “The Long Goodbye”

It’s our ring. That day at the jeweler I didn’t want anyone else to have it.


(11).  “I’m Back Because”

Look who is back. Hey Kell you surprised to see me?                Very……


I’m seeing Matt Durning Attorney at Law,  now.

(12).  “Ode to Joy”

When was it we fell in love? When were eighteen? Sixteen? Maybe ten? I don’t know, ’cause the truth is, I can’t picture a time when I wasn’t in love with you.

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