On Our Nation’s Birthday

As America is about to celebrate another birthday I like to reflect on what the Fourth of July means to me. Of course who better to talk about the Fourth of July than our friends at Saved by the Bell. The Fourth of July episode of Saved by the Bell took place at Malibu Sands, where all my friends on my first “grown up t.v show” worked that summer. Zach and Stacy’s romance was beginning to blossom. And Malibu Sands was about to host it’s Annual Fourth of July Pageant where Kelly, Lisa, Jesse, and Stacy entered to win prize money. Screech was asked to dress up as Uncle Sam. And Zack was one of the judges of the beauty pageant.


When the finalists were asked what the Fourth of July means to them there were a range of different answers. Lisa said Fourth of July means “ fun, fireworks, and 50% off sales at all major department stores” (this is somewhat ironic seeing as her outfit consisted of a red leather bra with matching skirt. Fully equipped with a red, white and blue bomber jacket).  Jesse says something about how we stole the land from the Native Americans. Her Statue of Liberty costume was a bit distracting from the overall message. Stacy talked about fireworks and spending time with friends and family. She looked like a firework while saying this. Finally, Kelly said the Fourth of July means “celebrating our nations birthday and the people who gave their life up for one thing, Freedom”. Her outfit was a mix between Minnie Mouse and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Ultimately Zack’s deciding vote crowned her the winner. Luckily this wasn’t a fashion contest.

Tomorrow is our nation’s birthday. Whether you are spending it with Family. Friends. Or both. Whether you just see it as a day off work. Or an excuse to drink and watch some fireworks. Or whether you hate America and want to move to Canada. Remember where this country started and how far we have come. And have yet to go. After all, we are all a work in progress.

Happy Birthday America. I’m pouring one out for you.

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