I’m ready for school. Honey you are ready for the prom.

“I’m ready for school. Honey you are ready for the prom.”-Danny Tanner


Since I was a young girl I’ve always had the back to school jitters. At twenty nine the sentiment still applies. Back to school shopping symbolizes the end of summer. It is a tough loss.  Can I still wear white pants to class even though it’s after Labor Day? What will I wear? Will people like me? I seemed to have forgotten how to cut in a straight line this summer. Maybe I never mastered it. I’m dead meat.   I received this email from one of my professors last week:

“ On the first session I ask you to bring an “About me Bag.” Tell us your story and put the objects in a brown lunch bag.  Also be sure to bring the following to class.”



Sketch paper


Scotch magic tape


X-Acto Knife



 This looks a lot like my old grade school list. And I’ve also been asked to bring a bag lunch to night class. Is this   “About me Bag” a more adult way of saying  “ Show and Tell?” Is this ” Materials” list a more adult way of saying ” School Supplies.” Well let’s see.


1. Pencils

No. 2 Pencils                                                              Art School Pencils
2. Paper


3. Ruler


4. Pens


5. Glue


6. Scotch Tape

7. Cutting Utensils


8. Triangle


9. Pencil Case


10. Bag to Carry Supplies


I look forward to meeting you. Welcome to this course and see you soon.

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